Tuesday, 29 November 2011


My stats just jumped massively. Hello, all of you international sorts! Bet you think I'm about to put something intellectual.

To be quite honest I'm in my pajamas, eating a packet of Refreshers and watching Don't Tell The Bride. LIVING THE DREAM. And my next planned post is Surviving The Christmas Party, ready for all of you hitting the town this weekend with your colleagues. Oh yeah.

However, this is a mildly serious post in order to wish the best of luck to everyone on strike tomorrow, which includes both of my parents. I will not be on strike tomorrow, as I work in the private sector, and there is no relevant union to my industry. I completely support the strike. To everyone on the picket lines: dress up warm, and if I pass one, I will honk in support.


  1. I was hoping it was because I linked you on on this http://claritybell.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/jesus-vincent-and-the-smug-ones/
    but actually, I hadn't got round to publicising it, so it only has 2 views. :p

  2. But a LINK though! I do a little dance every time. Non-ironically.