Wednesday, 18 January 2012

"Cheese, Gromit!"

I have buggar all willpower when it comes to food.

I love eating. Love it, love it, love it. I would pretend to be a foodie, but to be honest I'm too fussy for that. I'm not even a proper vegetarian as I still eat chicken and fish; I just don't like the taste of most meat. Or the smell. Don't get me going about bacon sandwiches, they smell like evil to me. However, if it's not meat I'll give it a go.

I love stodgy food. I love crisps. I can actually take or leave chocolate and puddings most of time, but hell, I'd rather take. Cheese. Man, I love cheese. And chips. Combined with cheese. Mmmm.

All of the above said, I'm fairly sensible about food, I think. I try to eat rounded meals, and not overly snack. I also try to walk where I can, although I do basically loathe exercise.

Office work completely floored me, in terms of food. You plan your day around food, and other people eating tends to set you off. People bring in snacks, and I love cooking biscuits for people. Takeaway occurs at lunchtime. All of this is combined with a massive decrease in exercise.

As a whole, essentially, the office gets fat together. As I said, I have buggar all willpower.

Despite all of my lovely statements about how New Years resolutions are useless (and I still believe they are), I was making a quiet decision to try and cut down on the snacking front. For some boring medical reasons I had to get weighed, realised with horror that I had put on A Lot of weight over Christmas and that I also have to be fitted for a wedding dress at the end of this month.

Which is why I am on Day 10 of the Special K diet. This involves sitting there at lunchtime eating cereal for lunch. I have managed to lose quite a bit of weight, as crash diets will tend to do, although last night I dreamed about eating pasta for lunch and to be quite honest if someone gave me the choice between murdering a nun or getting to eat a cheese sandwich I wouldn't fancy the chances of the nun. I get to eat a full meal at night. They're nice, let me tell you.

The office, though, has developed fruit overnight. Fred jogs into work every day. Every day! It seems that eating habits, healthy and unhealthy, spread throughout workplaces. Things you learn!

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