Sunday, 25 March 2012

Graduate Myth #11: You Will Marry Your University Boy/Girlfriend (and live happily ever after)

Surely we all know this one is a myth, right? You'll go to university, meet someone, have a wonderful time with them but then slowly drift apart as you meet exciting and new people, until that university relationship is nothing more than a fond memory...

Actually, no. I have just married my university boyfriend. For me, at least this is one myth that's actually true.


We married on a glorious sunny day in St Andrews on St Patricks Day, a date chosen by accident. Friends and family gathered in the place we met, mixing together 'uni' and 'home' life perfectly. The day was amazing, not perfect but perfect to us. Students and graduates and people who had never been to uni danced with varying skill and alcohol levels, and all in all a good time was had.

I don't think Mr DG and I will have a happy ever after, in the Disney sense. I've spent today catching up on the housework, and he's been at work, and we will still have money problems, and job problems. We still need to think about the practical things in life. I still need to blog. (Under tax changes we will be £200 a year better off as we have no children. Discuss.) However, we are happy in the now, and we can go together to the future and all that cheesy stuff.

We met at university and now we are double-barrelled graduates (we took each other's name and created a new unit) so in terms of this myth, for me at least, I can safely say that if you want it to be true, it will absolutely come true.

(Normal posting to resume soon.)

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