Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Summer time, and the weather is fine (finally)

Now that we are officially on the first hot week of the summer, I am going to explain to you the advantages of being a graduate in the summer!



I am perhaps feeling a little stung about this at the moment, as the first two lovely days of May have been Monday and Tuesday, i.e. working days. This means a lot of looking out of the window and sighing, and thinking longingly of the pub beer garden. It's day like this when being a graduate really sucks. Remember long, hot summers? With no work to do? Oh, the happier days of being a student. You don't even need money to sit in a park!

As such, I am physically forcing myself to think through these statements logically. The vast majority of students work during their summer holidays. I did. I used to think longingly of beer gardens then, too. Okay, it did have the massive advantage of being part-time work, therefore increasing my drinking time, but I lived at home and my mother can be quite judgemental when you roll through the front door smelling of rosè wine. If I didn't work, I would have no money for drinking. This is logical.

Plus, exams are still ongoing for many people. I spent seven years of my life doing summer time exams. NINE. Okay, the lure of the beer garden wasn't quite so strong during my GCSEs, but the longing to be outside and enjoying the sun was still as strong. I can come home and not revise. I've spent three years not revising, and I am 100% happy with this as a fact. It's probably the best bit about being a graduate during the summer time.

And the weekends still exist, after all. I can sit in a park during the weekend, with a book, and relax as much as I want. Okay, I have to walk to the park which involves putting on slightly neater clothes than going into the garden at my parent's house, but, well, it's still a day, isn't it?

Okay, I give up. I'm grasping at straws. Being a graduate on a hot sunny day when you have to spend all day in work and are generally too tired in the evening to go out sucks, particularly when you have to think about student days through rose (or indeed, rosè) tinted glasses.

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