Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shock realisation: we are governed by morons

I have come to the conclusion, spurred on by this final news story, that David Cameron just doesn't care any more and is spurting whatever daft opinion the1922 Committee has come with this time. No more benefits for anyone, particularly not those scum who are under 25! Let's leave the EU and go to war with France again for good measure! Schools abolished for poor people!

I'm being deliberately facetious there, but this week it's felt a little like that. It's that or he's deliberately winding up the left with a series of daft proposals in order to get the headlines away from Jimmy Carr and corrupt banks, possibly because he doesn't want to rock that boat too tightly. (Is Jimmy Carr finally paying his tax the reason for the freeze of fuel duty? Doubt it.)

I really dislike the right using the E.U. as catnip for the crazier fringe, trying to bring in the nastier elements and probably nark off the Lib Dems at that. Genuine worries about sovereignity always seem to be taken over by frothing xenophobes, who classify the E.U. as a sort of Gomorrah of liberal ideas/fascist removal of sovereign rights AT THE SAME TIME, despite the fact that all countries seem to send over a contingent of equally bizarre people who reckon that standing for the European parliament is totally the best way to remove themselves from it.

I feel a little fatigued with the news at the moment. When it's a graduate specific story, it's a little easier to comment on it in the spirit of the blog, but stuff like this just keeps me so utterly flabbergasted that I'm unable to rebut them. It's a bit like being asked to explain why falling in a pit of spikes is a bad idea – it's so patently a bad idea that it's hard to know where to start, as it includes stuff that you assume a rational human being would know instinctively.

Possibly assuming that we are governed by rational human beings is where I've been going wrong.


  1. Ohgod, I know. I just don't understand what they think under 25s are supposed to do without benefits. Magic up a job and/or rich parents who can afford for their kid to keep living with them indefinitely, I suppose.

  2. Dear DisorientatedGraduate,

    I stumbled upon your blog today and have enjoyed reading it through. I graduated in 2010 and my life since then has been somewhat akin to a rollercoaster whose track is being frantically built 10 feet ahead of the carriage. So thank you!

    It's easy to tire of the perpetually spinning wheel of bad news, because as you say, the utter madness of ConDem policies is so stupifying that to argue against it doesn't even feel worth it!

    Kindest Regards

  3. I'll keep track of your blog:). I'm from Malaysia by the way.